Spectrum 28


There was a time when advice was all one should expect from a VC partner.

It’s time to expect more.

At Spectrum 28, we’re making a commitment to be one of your most valuable partners. We do so by delivering concrete value that can move the needle, or we won’t invest. Our investment approach is not of portfolio building but one based on depth of understanding:

We look deeper >>

> Into founders, beyond plans and ideas to inner strength and what makes them tick.

> Into companies, beyond revenue, to see how they can stand the test of time.

> Into industries, beyond market size, to see the leading indicators of change that represent opportunity.

We look beyond stage and ownership, to how much impact can be made and our part in that equation.

Make history.

Industries that are the foundation of world economies took time to develop and have evolved over decades, if not centuries. Today and in the upcoming years, there are tectonic shifts happening in some of these industries.

While these changes may not yet be visible from the surface to everyone, for those with insight, the opportunity to write the next chapter in history exists.

Our Companies




Not all information and thinking is discussed in public. We bridge the gap between public info and what is actually going on. From our relationships, we are trusted to hear problems that customers typically feel too vulnerable to share and we get relevant data that is not broadly released. These provide better insights into product-market-fit as well as direction for go-to-market.

All with the promise that we will help identify teams with the right solution to drive change.

We have a tremendous network of industry leaders on our side: entrepreneurs, inventors and philanthropists who are tackling 
the big problems of our time.

Our trusted standing stems from the quality of the companies we invest in and our strategic alliances with established, important partners. For companies large and small, we can bring together the expertise needed to capture a market-leading position.



What we do.

Funding an idea can create a lot of excitement, but it doesn’t always create progress. We employ capital strategically and in concert with a larger vision and toolset.



We search and find areas poised for transformation, and then find the entrepreneurs with the tech and talent needed to catalyze change.


We use capital strategically, injecting it to create maximum impact, whether in supporting or leading roles.



We connect teams with the resources to guide them through product design, manufacturing, supply chain, regulation, scaling and other mission-critical areas.



We build independence giving our companies what they need to become the best in their fields and a resource inside our network.

Capital is part of what we do, but it’s done in concert with a larger vision and toolset.